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The Best Way to Read the SAT Writing Passages

The Best Way to Read the SAT Writing Passages SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips The format of the SAT Writing section is very unique, and you may not have taken a test with a similar format. To reach your target score, you're going to need a specific approach to tackle the passage-based questions. In this article, I will explain the various approaches you can take when reading the SAT Writing passages, and I'll guide you on how to identify the strategy that will work best for you. Why Do You Need a Specific Approach to Reading SAT WritingPassages? The format of the SAT Writing section is unique and determining which approach will work best for you will help you combat likely mistakes. Some students only look at the underlined portions of sentences without understanding their context. Another common mistake is to rush through the section and make careless mistakes. Having a tested approach will help you maximize your efficiency. Regardless of the approach you take, you should always read the complete sentence that contains the underlined portion. Also, you have to be consistent. Once you decide the best approach for you, use that approach on all your practice questions. Omar Reyes/Flickr The Top 4Strategies for Reading SAT Writing Passages These are the different approaches you can take to reading the passages. #1: Paragraph-by-Paragraph For this approach, you read each paragraph, and then you answer the questions in that paragraph. The benefits of using this approach are that you’ll understand what’s going on in the passage before you answer questions, and you’ll be forced to read full sentences before answering questions. The main drawback of this approach is that it can be time-consuming. I recommend trying this approach on a practice section and seeing if you’re able to finish the section in 35 minutes. If you only need a couple extra minutes to finish, this approach can still work for you because you'll probably speed up with repeated practice. If you don't feel comfortable or confident being able to finish using this approach, you may want to use one of the other strategies I'll discuss. Let's go through how the paragraph-by-paragraph approach works using a practice SAT Writing section. If you were using the paragraph-by-paragraph approach on this section, you would read the entire paragraph up until â€Å"conversation† and then do question 31. This approach would work well here because question 31 requires an understanding of the paragraph. Then, you would read the next paragraph before attempting to answer questions 32 and 33. On the SAT, you would repeat this process for each paragraph in each passage. In case you're curious, I've provided the answers to these questions. Answers:31. C, 32. A, 33. A Paragraphetzel (Windell Oskay/Flickr) #2: Answer as You Go In this approach, you read through the passage, and when you come to an underlined portion, you read past it to the end of the sentence. Then you answer the question before continuing. The benefits of this strategy are that it’s straightforward and fast. It’s a good strategy to try if you find yourself running out of time on the paragraph-by-paragraph approach. The biggest drawback of this strategy is that you may have trouble answering questions about paragraphs and transitions that require a more thorough understanding of the passage. Personally, I like to use the answer as you go approach, but when I come to a question that requires me to read more of the passage, I continue reading until I have enough information to correctly answer the question. You can also save the questions that require a more complete understanding of the passage until the end when you’ve answered the other questions and have completely read the passage. If you use the answer as you go strategy, make sure you read until the end of sentences before answering questions. Here’s how to use this approach correctly: If you used this approach, you would read the paragraph up until â€Å"machines† before doing question 26. After completing question 26, you would read the next sentence until â€Å"presentations.† Then you would do question 27. Finally, you would read the final sentence of the paragraph and then do question 28. For question 28, you may need to refer to the earlier paragraphs or the paragraph that follows to eliminate answer choices. However, for this particular question, because you will have read the entire passage up until this point, you can correctly answer this question without doing any additional reading. While this approach is quicker, it can lead to more errors if you’re unable to recognize when you need to do more reading to correctly answer questions. Answers:26. A, 27. B, 28. C #3: Sentence-by-Sentence In the sentence-by-sentence approach, you only read sentences that include underlined portions. This strategy has significant drawbacks because you won’t comprehend the passage as well, and that may make answering some of the writing style questions that require a more thorough understanding of the passage rather difficult. I don’t recommend using this approach if you’re shooting for a 650 or above on Reading and Writing. However, if you find yourself running out of time using other approaches or you’re getting distracted by irrelevant details, this could be a good approach for you. Just make sure you’re reading the entire sentence. Let’s take a look at this approach in practice: Read the first sentence and then do questions 34 and 35. Then read the next sentence and do 36. After, you can skip the sentence that starts with "Planned" and read the sentence containing 37 that starts with â€Å"It also reinforces.† Again, if you encounter a question that requires a more thorough understanding of the passage, you can skip it and come back to it later, or you can read more of the passage until you know enough to answer the question. If you’re using this strategy, follow this approach for each question in every passage. Answers:34. D, 35. A, 36. D, 37. A #4: Passage First The last approach is to skim the entire passage, and then go back through using sentence-by-sentence to answer the questions. This strategy is the most thorough, and it can be helpful if you find yourself having trouble on the organization or big picture questions. However, this approach can take too much time and be trouble than it’s worth.If you're a fast reader and have the most difficulty with the organization and content-based questions, this approach can be beneficial. If you struggle with time or feel more comfortable answering the questions as you read the passage, then this isn't the ideal approach for you. How to Find the Right Strategy and Use It Effectively Here are the steps to go through to figure out which approach to use. Step #1: Try Paragraph-by-Paragraph For most students, this approach will yield the best results. It may not be the best one for you, but try it first to see how it works. Step #2: Analyze Why You’re Missing Questions to Decide on the Best Approach After you finish your practice section, go over it very carefully; figure out why you got questions wrong and where you struggled. Make sure you know how to review practice tests. Think about these questions to decide which approach to try: Did you run out of time? If you’re running out of time with 5 or fewer questions left, try the answer as you go approach. If you’re running out of time with 6 or more, try sentence-by-sentence. Do you have time left over? How much? If you have more than 3-4 minutes left at the end and you’re missing questions, you need to slow down. You’re probably rushing. Make sure to read the passage and questions carefully. Are you missing a lot of the big picture questions that ask about entire paragraphs or the passage as a whole? If so, you may want to focus on your reading comprehension and attentively reading the passage. Based on your answers to these questions, decide which approach is best for you, and then practice that approach. It may take a couple of attempts to figure out what works best for you. Remember that regardless of which approach you take, you need to read the whole sentence before answering questions. Step #3: Practice Your Approach Repeatedly Once you decide on an approach, use it on every practice test and question. The purpose of having a designated approach to the passages is to enable you to correctly answer the questions as efficiently as possible. If you’re having difficulty maintaining a certain approach, you may want to try another one that’s easier for you to follow. It may take some time to find the best approach for you, but once you find it, you’ll be able to maximize your score. These approaches only work if you use them consistently. What's Next? If you're trying to master the content for SAT Writing, make sure you know the 12 most important grammar rules. Also, you're going to want to review my articles on punctuation and transitions. For those of you aiming for perfection, get expert advice from a perfect scorer on how to get a 1600. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points? Check out our best-in-class online SAT prep program. We guarantee your money back if you don't improve your SAT score by 160 points or more. Our program is entirely online, and it customizes what you study to your strengths and weaknesses. If you liked this Writing and grammar lesson, you'll love our program.Along with more detailed lessons, you'll get thousands ofpractice problems organized by individual skills so you learn most effectively. We'll also give you a step-by-step program to follow so you'll never be confused about what to study next. Check out our 5-day free trial:

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Word Choice Eventually vs. Ultimately - Proofread My Paper

Word Choice Eventually vs. Ultimately - Proofread My Paper Word Choice: Eventually vs. Ultimately â€Å"Eventually† and â€Å"ultimately† have plenty in common. Both are ten letters long. Both have â€Å"-ly† at the end. And, crucially, both refer to something that happens (or is expected to happen) after a certain period of time. It’s this final overlap which causes most confusion, with some people using â€Å"eventually† and â€Å"ultimately† interchangeably. However, there is an important difference, so you won’t want to mix up these words in your written work. Eventually (Some Time Later) We’ll begin with â€Å"eventually,† which generally means â€Å"some time later† or â€Å"finally,† especially after a prolonged delay: The queue was long, but we reached the front eventually. If you queue for too long, petrification can set in. It can also be used more generally to indicate an unspecified amount of time, even where no specific delay occurs: I’m new to ballet, but I’m hoping to eventually turn professional! In both cases, â€Å"eventually† emphasizes the passage of time, either in relation to something that has happened or that is expected to happen. Ultimately (In the End) â€Å"Ultimately† can mean â€Å"finally† or â€Å"in the end,† too, but specifically refers to the finishing point in a process or series of events: Although it seemed benign to begin with, the virus ultimately spread to other countries. A second meaning of â€Å"ultimately† is to indicate something as a fundamental or basic fact: Ultimately, tiddlywinks is a game of thrills and spills. Tiddle that wink! [Image: Hannes Grobe]Even in this second use of â€Å"ultimately,† there is a strong sense of finality, as it suggests something is beyond dispute or conclusive. Eventually or Ultimately? When used to mean â€Å"finally,† there are situations in which â€Å"eventually† and â€Å"ultimately† can be used interchangeably. However, even then, each word emphasizes something different. If we say something happened â€Å"eventually,† it’s usually the passage of time we are stressing. Hence â€Å"eventually† is normally used when describing something that happens after a delay. If we say something happened â€Å"ultimately,† on the other hand, the emphasis is on finality, so this term is best saved for referring to something that happens at the end of a process. For example, the ultimate fate of all sausages. When â€Å"ultimately† is used to mean â€Å"fundamentally,† moreover, it’s even more important to use the correct term, since â€Å"eventually† wouldn’t make sense in this context.

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Identifying Instructional Resources Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Identifying Instructional Resources - Essay Example This activity supports the instructional objective by giving the students multiple representations of the content: first, they read the content in our class text. Next, they identify the most important information in the text - that which defines and gives the function of the three branches of government. Lastly, they place the informational in a new organizational context - the Concept/Definition Graphic Organizer. This activity is well suited to the students' academic level because it requires comprehension of text, the selection of important content, summarizing that content, and placing it a new context. The graphic organizer will show the content in a new context for students, and more contexts will yield a more thorough understanding. From page 214 in the manual, students develop their understanding of the instructional objectives through the use of a Comparison Matrix. It asks them to compare and contrast the different branches of governments and their various responsibilities, including those of checks and balances. To practice multiple representations of content, they also create a picture or illustration using paper and markers provided by the teacher demonstrating their knowledge of checks and balances. ... Instructional objectives: - compare and contrast the different branches and their role within the U.S. - demonstrate an understanding of checks and balances by illustrating in a picture. - use word processor; create a paragraph explaining each branch of government. From page 214 in the manual, students develop their understanding of the instructional objectives through the use of a Comparison Matrix. It asks them to compare and contrast the different branches of governments and their various responsibilities, including those of checks and balances. To practice multiple representations of content, they also create a picture or illustration using paper and markers provided by the teacher demonstrating their knowledge of checks and balances. Students then use the Comparison Matrix as an outline for an essay that they complete using a word processing program. These activities should be highly engaging for students because they employ several different learning modalities and are at a skill level that is challenging but attainable for their age group. Resources: Internet access. Reuters.;; and The New York Times Online: Instructional objectives: - locate and be able to discuss current issues in the media concerning the government. - formulate at least two concerns/problems that would fall under the jurisdiction of the branches of government. Students find current issues in media concerning the government by using Internet search engines. They write a summary of these issues using a word-processing program. They include two examples of a current issue for each of the three branches of government. These activities link the abstract notions of what government does with

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Global Business Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Global Business Strategy - Essay Example Other theoretical aspects and Porter’s five forces vital for achieving a competitive advantage were examined. The author highlighted some strategic challenges impacting the company in the current global market. Company resource audit was included and the author revealed some tangible and intangible organizational resource and capabilities. The researcher analyzed the current strategic alliance and other corporate strategies employed in the business operation process. This included SWOT analysis as a vital strategic tool effective for determining favorable and unfavorable factors in the business environment. Strategic implementations were included and also organizational structure evaluated including the industrial structure, corporate or functional and brand-based organizational structure. Lastly, the author included some recommendations and also the conclusion that summed up the research project. Global Business Strategy Introduction Globilisation, which has been contributed by rapid technology development, has encouraged many multinational enterprises to implement effective global business strategy vital for achieving a competitive advantage. Many multinational enterprises have made significant determinations in order to sustain their business in the competitive global market. Many actors in the international markets have increasingly internationalized their operations; thus their performances are deeply influenced by their mutual interdependencies and by their strategic behaviors towards their competitors. Automotive industries are among the companies that have attempted to implement effective global strategies by forming mergers, alliances and acquisitions in order to improve the automobile markets. Among the automobile companies, Chrysler Group is one of the automobile industries that have adopted strategy of internationalisation and varied strategies for achieving successful business performance. Thus, the research project will focus on Chrysler Gr oup Company’s global strategy and relevant theories, which the company employs in order to improve their business performance in the global competitive market. Historical Background of Chrysler Group and Its Internalisation Process Chrysler Group is an American multinational corporation that designs automobiles and it’s headquarter is located at Auburn Hills in Michigan. It was established by Walter Chrysler in 1925 when Maxwell Motor Corporation was restructured into the Chrysler Group Company, and trades automobile products across the globe under the flagship Chrysler brand, but other brand also exists including the Ram, Doge and Jeep brand. The company has been performing well across the globe and it was named among the leading automaker production globally, in 2011. Chrysler Group established a global strategic alliance with other companies including Fiat and merged also with other firms under, which it currently sells their automobile products. Moreover, with adeq uate resources, improved technology and global distribution network necessary for competing on a global level, the alliance builds on the company’s innovation culture. It also builds their innovation culture, which is based on the complementary technology of Fiat Company that was founded, in 1899. The company employed internalization strategy by merging Daimler Benz and also merged with Volkswagen Group, with an aim of extending their products range to broaden their sales in the automobile ma

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What Impression of Inman is created in chapter 1 of Cold Mountain? Essa

What Impression of Inman is created in chapter 1 of Cold Mountain? Throughout Chapter one Frazier establishes Inman’ s character in sufficient detail for the reader to feel involved in his life and get an insight into the way he thinks. This gives the reader a feeling of superiority as to their knowledge of Inman and his feelings. Inman is based on Frazier’s great uncle. This gives them a better impression of him and a greater feeling of pity for him and his situation. He appears to be very sensitive to his surroundings as the environment of the hospital seems to affect his feelings in a very negative way. An example of this is where he thinks about how he obtained his wound. This shows his strength of character both physically and mentally. This is because he is strongly affected by the battles he has experienced and is horrified and haunted by it. His description of the train journey to the hospital is very sensual. This shows how he is extremely observant and has a great memory for detail. It also shows how vivid the horrors are that he has faced throughout his ...

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Piaget’s theory Essay

Donaldson also found that children pay great attention to the social context of a task. As they are in the process of developing a vocabulary, they rely on contextual clues to enhance their understanding of verbal communications. Piaget devised a task to study children’s understanding of the conservation of liquid. He asked whether the amount of liquid had changed after being poured from one shape vessel to another. Unable to sense a purpose in the activity, the children gave an answer based on the variable that has changed, i. e. the shape of the vessel. Making sense of the conservation task, putting it in a socially understandable context, achieved better results. A study by Light, Buckingham & Robbins (1979) involved 2 groups of 6 year olds. The first group were shown some pasta shells poured from the first breaker to a wider one and 95 per cent of the children confirmed Piaget’s finding as being non-conservers. The second group of children were told that the shells were to be used in a game and the reason for the transference of shells was a chip on the rim of the first beaker. This time only 30 per cent of the children gave non-conserving answers. It would seem that the task must make human sense to the child, not just to the investigator. Even though Donaldson’s approach highlights the way in which Piaget underestimated children’s abilities, it made no criticism of the theoretical framework. The lasting aspects of Piaget’s admirable body of work include the concept of a progression through developmental stages. There is a general agreement that the changes involved in the progression are of a qualitative nature, and, as Piaget explained, they come about as a result of constructive activity. Developmental psychology will continue to evolve, grateful for the solid foundation

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The Food And Drug Administration Essay - 848 Words

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through regulating pharmaceutical drugs, biologics and medical device in context to granting approvals for marketing authorization, surveillance of the clinical trial study of the drug, post-marketing surveillance of the medical product, etc. The Pharmaceutical companies seek for FDA approval for a new drug to be marketed through a long process. This process starts with applying an application known as an investigational new drug application (IND) to start clinical trials to enroll a group of patients believed to benefit from the investigational product, and to approve that drug is safe effective. On the other hand, there are many patients unable to enroll in a trial because of exclusion criteria or because the study is for a different indication.However, when patient unable to enroll in a clinical, patients may be able to receive the product, when appropriate, through the Expanded access. ïÆ'ËœLegal arguments and implications:- (i) On 2009, the FDA promulgated a program called the â€Å"Expanded access† orâ€Å"Compassionate use† ( 21 CFR 312.1) which allows the patients to have an access to a Investigational Medicinal product which is subjected to Investigational New Drug (IND) application (according to an IND 21 CFR 312.8). The FDA in 2009 revised the regulation of â€Å"Expanded access† because there was no clear regulation related to different types of patients, and the access toShow MoreRelatedThe Food And Drug Administration1204 Words   |  5 PagesThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is best known for its role on protecting the health of the public by making sure that food, medications are safe and effective. Especially when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, its mission is to regulate pharmaceutical manufacturers, as well as the drug approval process. However, in the recent years, many arguments and controversy regarding drug development and regulation have risen. Dr ug advertisements make false and misleading claims, products areRead MoreThe Food And Drug Administration1017 Words   |  5 Pagescosmetic products on the market all over the world than ever before. There has also been an emphasis on beauty and how one presents themselves to others. The combination of these factors lead to an increase in demand for cosmetics. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has little to no control over the regulation over the safety of the ingredients included in personal care products on the market. Problems arise because there are known and identified toxic chemicals in many cosmetics, but not muchRead MoreThe Food And Drug Administration898 Words   |  4 Pagespolicy, foods, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and their byproducts, derived from plant varieties developed by the new methods of genetic modification are regulated within the existing framework of the act† (FDA). In other words, instead of creating new regulations that are specific to these completely unique food products, they are put within the umbrella of other â€Å"natural† products. As time passes it appears to be harder to establish strict regulations to manage genetically modified food. AccordingRead MoreThe Food And Drug Administration1740 Words   |  7 Pagesto decline and present a risk to future food security. As a world, we are facing an adaptation deficit leaving us very vulnerable and thus, we must seek to find alternative resources to adapt and mitigate the risk to agriculture. One solution might be attributed to genetically modified foods, which are found in 80% of processed foods today, much to the unawareness of public consumers. In America, the Food and Drug Administration has the authority over food labeling and it has concluded that thereRead MoreThe Food And Drug Administration1903 Words   |  8 Pages2016. On December 1, 2014, the US Food and Drug Administration released a Final Rule clarifying the requirements, which include easy-to-see calorie counts for all â€Å"standard menu items,† as well as the inclusion of statements communicating the average daily intake of 2,000 calories and informing consumers that more detailed nutritional information can be obtained by request (Goldman, 2015). The goal of this rule is â€Å"to make nutrition information for certain foods available to consumers in a directRead MoreThe Food And Drug Administration2463 Words   |  10 PagesConsumers thus should be concerned what they put in their bodies. The Food and Drug Administration is regulating food, but people are sicker now than they ever have been. Not only them, but the big pharmaceutical companies also play a role in this giving drugs to people to help their problems but end up with a host of other problems from their fix. With this project I hope to show how incompetent the Food and Drug Administration is by unveiling what synthetic vitamins really are, the chemicals usedRead MoreThe Food And Drug Administration843 Words   |  4 PagesThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved naltrexone in 1994 to assist in the treatment of alcohol dependence (Mark et. al, 2003). According to multiple studies of various sizes the medication has been proven to be highly beneficial in assisting with alcohol withdrawal and relapse (Leavitt, 2002; Rohsenow, 2004; Williams, 2005). With the approval of the FDA and the backing of many studies, why is this wonder drug not being more widely used? The following will address how naltrexone worksRead MoreThe Food And Drug Administration1142 Words   |  5 PagesAndy Nunez English 1101 Amy Sandefur 9 September 2014 Dear Michael Taylor, As senior advisor of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), I understand that you must have thousand of proposals being addressed to you everyday. I also understand that the FDA is responsible for tests that use dogs, primates and other species as test subjects to meet legal safety requirements. ( At the same time, I, and millions of other people believe that the laws on animal experimentation need to be reviewedRead MoreThe Food And Drug Administration1430 Words   |  6 Pagesto the sugary taste of many foods and go by many names – saccharin, aspartame, and sucralose  ¬Ã¢â‚¬â€œ but they are all formulated by chemical engineers. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) describes artificial sweeteners as â€Å"probably safe,† and this statement has proven to be quite true (Nestle). For several years, aspartame and saccharin have been linked to weight gain and cancer in consumers and lab animals (Nestle). Because artificial sweeteners are used in many food pro ducts (most commonly dietRead MoreThe Food And Drug Administration1298 Words   |  6 PagesIn 2000, the US Food and Drug Administration issued a health claim which states that consuming foods containing plant sterol and stanol esters along with other low cholesterol and saturated fat foods can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease (Jones, Vanstone, Raeini-Sarjaz, St-Onge, 2003). Today, many functional foods in the form of margarines, spread, yogurt, and others, have been enriched with phytosterols and advocated as being able to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Phytosterols